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A walk with the grim reaper


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“There is no point staying alive again” I said to myself as I wept bitterly, sitting on the faculty stairs. I thought of my parents at home. My mum hadn’t even returned the loan she obtained to pay for my tuition fees. My dad is close to retirement and I still have four younger ones in public primary school in Akute, Ogun satate whose university education depends on my success.

“Did I not read well enough? Did I not pray well enough?”I kept asking the question as if somebody was sitting close to answer me.

All of a sudden, I began to hear noises emanating from the notice board. I had just left there few minutes before sitting on the step. I began to imagine what the origin and cause of such a barbaric noise could be until I heard the sound of the siren. Oh! Someone had fainted again.

The result was terrible enough to make anyone faint but I still didn’t understand why I hadn’t fainted. Every of my roommates passed and I was about turning into the villain of the room.

I was still perambulating in the castle of confusion when I heard the sound of my nokia tune. Jesus! It is my dad calling. He already heard that result is out. “I will rather die than pick this call up” I told myself.

I hurried off to the room and everyone was celebrating and congratulating themselves simply because the result meant that they had gained admission into the university. They didn’t even notice my admission into the room.

I picked up my well water fetcher, separated its rope from it and ran out of the room with the rope in search of the nearest and most convenient bush for suicide. I didn’t even remember all the pro-life rules the Catholic Church had laid down and the implications of suicide. All I wanted was to forget about my failure and proceed to the heavens where there is no more sorrow.

I began to set the rope on the tall tree just like had seen in movies. When I began to discover error in the settings, I brought my phone out to see how Judas hung himself in the movie I downloaded on you tube.

Just as I was still engineering my death, I noticed movements on the withered leaves on the floor and fear descended from the heavens like a dove. I began to panic and started to nurse the feeling that an evil spirit was with me in the bush. I stood still but then, I noticed increase in the intensity of the obscure movements. Then, I calmed my nerves so I could notice what was happening.

“Jesus! It is a snake” I shouted as I ran for my dear life leaving the rope and my phone in the bush. Really, the “Grim Reaper wasn’t sent to me” I loved my life.

Even if I hadn’t learnt any lesson, my phone forever remained unfound.



Omolere Maxi Oluwatobi

Nursing Science

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