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Scarcity of water in OAU

We all shout great Ife, this is but a delusion of grandeur because I find nothing great in it. Should I call it a glory of the past or should I say since the termination of the vivacious Students’ Union, the students of Obafemi Awolowo University have been living a hebephrenic life. There is scarcity of water, cultism threats and yet the management of Obafemi Awolowo University is turning a blind eye to it as well as the trending events such as suicide, rape, theft.

Lack of well-trained medical professionals and proper medical facilities and equipment led to the death of a part three students of the department of Microbiology, faculty of Science named Omolola Korede. It was reported that Omolola Korede died due to lack of oxygen support.

Currently their has been lack of water supply and yet the management are not even concern, no notice has been released regarding that but if the students decide to go on alluta, the management will be on alert, ready to close down students’ portals and yet there is a shout of alluta against all oppression, well I guess is the management really oppressing the students and no alluta to be against these oppressors. Students are running from one hostel to the other all because they seek to get that which is needed to start their daily living.

Let me stop here and I will plead with the management that they should do the right thing, even at the  absence of the Students Union which on the normal ground won’t allow what is currently going on in the great citadel which is for learning and culture

Well someone once said the welfarism of the flowers in Obafemi Awolowo University is actually more important than the welfarism of the students.

Check the pictures below;

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