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Jeff Bezos reclaims world’s richest man title, few hours after losing to Bill Gates


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Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, has reclaimed the World’s Richest Man title few hours after losing the spot to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

Bezos who ended Gates’ 24-year run as world’s richest man in 2018 and became the first man on earth with a net worth of $160 billion, lost the spot on Thursday October 24, after Amazon’s lacklustre Q3 results resulted in him losing nearly $7 billion in stock value. Amazon shares fell 7 per cent in after-hours trading.

He returned to the top position at the end of Friday’s markets. His shares fell by just 1% to $1,760.78, putting his net worth at $109.9 billion. Bill Gates is currently worth $105.8 billion.

Bezos’ brief slip on Thursday wasn’t entirely due to his Amazon shares falling as he would never have lost the No. 1 spot if he and ex wife, MacKenzie Bezos hadn’t divorced.

49-year-old MacKenzie received a quarter of their Amazon holdings in July. With a net worth of $32.7 billion, she is among the top 20 wealthiest people in the world.

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  1. Anaballaq says

    That is a good zeal, i love that, congratulations to him

  2. Anaballaq says

    That is very good of him, i congratulate him once again

  3. Azeez Sakiru says

    Congratulations for topping again

  4. FAITH NEWTON says

    this is indeed informative

  5. Adesola okeowo akinode says

    Congratulations to him

  6. Tope Adu says

    I will be greater than they are.

  7. Karounwi yetunde says

    Issokay, congrats

  8. Karounwi yetunde says


  9. Rufai saheed feranmi says

    this is wow

  10. Rufai saheed feranmi says

    I envy you

  11. Abraham says

    Ok, i know this will surprise bill gates but believe me the man called bill gate will try any possible means to attain his first position back in the main time.

  12. Abdulkudus ismail says

    Abdulkudus…conrats to him,i wonder what he will be doing with dat money.

  13. Opashola Victor Abiodun says

    Wow interesting I know one day I will be in that rank

  14. Rufai saheed feranmi says


  15. Ubong Jumbo says

    Congratulations to him.

  16. Emmanuel Olowoyeye says

    I believe in my self that one of this days my name will be among the richest man in world just like Bill Gate who never loss hope , yet he continue working towards his greatest achievement am very proud of you sir.

  17. Jonhson says

    Hard working is the key for every successful man in life.

  18. Olamiju says

    Rome is not build in a day , it really takes long time to achieve ones aim , what really matter most is to be focus success is certain.